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Discover your Behavioral Motor Profile and your Postural Signature

? What is it ?
We have all noticed that even the pro players do not all have the same bodily functioning, not the same commitment , not the same gain , not the same swing, a power sometimes by the shoulders and others by the pelvis or a combination of the two, in short ... today you may have heard of a typical profile ... or in the corporate environment of the MTBI ...
If you are " introverted preference " or " extroverted" it will influence your body and learning path.
If you have a step from the top or the bottom this will influence your area of ​​strength and grip.
If you have a left or right field of view preferences ...
? What will it be used for    ?
Adapt your warm-up, your mental preparation, your body language and pedagogy according to your profile for a time efficiency and to have an effective and efficient swing .
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