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TRUSWING: Make the difference by precisely identifying your key points to improve and progress faster

Optimize your swing


TruSwing helps you improve your playing technique by providing searchable swing data

-tempo of the swing

- club speed at impact

- the club road

- ball trajectories

- the angle of the shaft and the club head

- impact points

- the loft or opening of the club head at address and impact and more.


After my Trackman training, I looked for an easy-to-use and easy-to-use tool to advise you as best and precisely as possible.

Prices :

- $ 100 The session + Delivery of a personalized course booklet.


- $ 20 to provide equipment after your first lesson *.

- $ 30 for the Garmin S60 / watch for 18 holes *.

(* security deposit)

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